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At Royal Auto Body & Paint we have the ability to work with all insurance company's because of our excellent reputation, experience, and dedicated to work with all claims adjusters to keep you up to date on repairs and payments for your repairs through insurance claims.

The first step after the vehicle is checked into the shop is to confirm coverage on policy if it is an insurance claim. Coverage confirm means that your insurance policy is valid and that all repairs will be paid in full when vehicle is completed, everyone's policy is different at the time of purchase, please understand that if coverage is not valid to pay for complete repairs, Royal Auto Body & Paint will not start the repairs unless deposit is brought in for a tear down and parts purchases depending on extent of damage. If vehicle is brought to the shop and is not being worked on, after the third day a daily storage fee will apply up until the motor vehicle is picked up. A storage fee only apply s when there are no repairs done to the car and the facility is used as a store lot.

Once an estimate has been finalized and an approval has been verified by the party paying for the repairs the shop must call the customer and explain in detail the estimate of repairs, once the customer has FULLY understood the repair process they must authorize the body shop to start working on the car. First step to the repairs is a tear down, on some occasions after the car is torn down there might be additional hidden damage to the vehicle which results in repair coast increase, the shop must first contact the owner of the vehicle and explain to them what additional items are damaged resulting from the accident. Next, the shop must notifying the insurance company that a supplement must take place. A supplement means that there was hidden damage and/or additional items are needed to properly repair the vehicle to pre-accident condition. All supplemental repairs must be approved by the customer, if supplemental payments are not approved, repairs will not proceed.

Weather your repair is going through insurance or paying out of pocket, all repairs require to be paid in full upon delivery, NO EXCEPTIONS.